Graduating from Ashtanga YTT 200HR in Mysore, India - 2016

YEH Yoga is run by Emily Harding, a London based yoga teacher, certified with Yoga Alliance UK - always with extra added good vibes!

 Offering fun, accessible and uplifting yoga classes suitable for all levels, with a particular emphasis on making yoga welcoming (and not scary!) for those beginning their yoga journey. 

With a continuing focus on the breath and alignment, YEH Yoga strives to ensure that all students are able to realise the objectives of each class easily, as well as being challenged, encouraged, and celebrated through thoughtful, multi-level sequencing. 

Drawing from an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training, YEH Yoga classes are flowing, fluid vinyasa classes, which still focus long enough on each asana to really progress with alignment.

Combining strong elements of the 'Ha' (sun, fire, masculine) students will enjoy strength and fitness building flows, before winding down with a well balanced amount of 'Tha' (moon, cooling, feminine) allowing us to work on our flexibility. 

YEH Yoga classes aim to promote physical and mental well-being, by helping people to begin their yoga journey in the physical realm, and allowing them to choose to delve deeper into the spiritual side of yoga in a time of their own choosing.