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London-Based Yoga Teacher, Speaker, Guided Dance Facilitator and Your Biggest Cheerleader…

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Welcome to YEH Yoga - Offering yoga classes and events for everyBODY, empowering you to kick-ass, feel awesome and embrace your #YehNotMeh!

I'm Emily, and I'm honoured you've dropped by! As a yoga teacher based in London, (who’s also been known to help deliver yoga to skiers out in some beautiful ski resorts!) and I'm passionate about empowering you to lead the life filled with love and laughter that you truly deserve! Friends describe me as electric, loving and fun, and you can be confident that any one of my classes you walk into, will have extra good vibes and great energy - we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Having juggled the corporate working life with teaching yoga for the last 3 years, I truly understand how tricky it can be to find balance in life, not just of the physical, but of our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being as well. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve struggled with melt-downs and burn-out over those years, which is why now I’m out the other side, I’m even more motivated to help keep you healthy and happy by sharing what I know.

My yoga teaching philosophy is simple - keep it fun, welcoming and inclusive. Yoga is for everyone, not just the naturally flexible gymnasts amongst us. I myself have encountered yoga classes that feel like a vanity project of the person guiding you, jumping from crazy pose to painful looking shows of flexibility... but not all classes have to be that way. I frame and explain your physical practise in straightforward terms, helping to break 'yogi' instructions down for you, and allowing you to delve into the more traditional and spiritual aspects of yoga, at your own pace and at a time of your own choosing. There's no forced chanting, no judgment, and no reason for you to be intimidated! Ask my students how many times I've wobbled along with them, or fallen over right beside them! 

With trainings in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin & Mindfulness, I have over 325hrs training, and am certified with Yoga Alliance UK. With a continuing focus on the breath and alignment, I strive to ensure that all students are able to realise the objectives of each class easily, as well as being challenged, encouraged, and celebrated through thoughtful, multi-level sequencing. 

If you can't see a class for you, or you're unsure, just drop me an email and I'll get  straight back to you. Private and workplace classes are available, and probably more affordable than you think! 

Hope to see you on the mat soon.

Big hugs,

Emily x

Opening up Wanderlust 108 Festival in London, August 2019 on the mainstage with David Kam and Margot De Broglie - Secret Sunrise Guided Dance

Opening up Wanderlust 108 Festival in London, August 2019 on the mainstage with David Kam and Margot De Broglie - Secret Sunrise Guided Dance



I haven’t come from a dance or gymnastics background, which means I understand what it can be like to go to a yoga class and feel intimidated by the range of motion some yogis have! As a yoga teacher, I consider myself one of the very very un-flexible ones! However, this is actually a true blessing in disguise, because it means I understand so much better the physical limitations most people who come to my classes might have, and this is reflected in my yoga sequencing and the way I teach my classes. There are no assumptions on levels of physical flexibility of ability, and there is never any judgement on what anyone can do or not do. Yoga for me is all about learning to not judge ourselves as harshly, and let go of automatic judgements we might have of others or the world. Whatever we have learnt, we can unlearn, or re-learn!

I started teaching yoga in London after moving back home at the end of 4 ski-seasons (across France and Japan). Having completed my 200hrs YTT in Ashtanga Yoga in 2016 in it’s spiritual home of Mysore, India, I started attending London yoga classes and was amazed at how different they were to everything else I’d experienced in my travels in Asia. They were so fast, and the teachers seemed so aloof and cold and I left one particular class feeling incredibly defeated and small.

This wasn’t my experience in the loving practice of yoga! Having gotten into Yoga initially by practicing along at home (with my mum!) to Yoga with Adriene for many years (which I had started doing because of back pain I had always had) it was after this one particular class that I decided I was going to throw myself into the London yoga scene, because I knew that the students of London deserved to feel loved and supported in every class they went to, so I felt called to make it my mission to teach as many of them as possible, and spread the true love, welcoming, non-judgement and happiness of yoga as far and wide in this crazy city as possible.

Fast forward to the present day and I’m still on a mission to empower and inspire each and every one of my students, one class at a time, and always keeping myself on track using the power of ‘Yeh Not Meh’!


"Always love Emily’s classes. My fave Yoga teacher in London”.

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"Emily is such a great teacher and I think the reason I’ve come back to yoga (and stayed committed!) - I feel zero pressure in her classes, and can finally chaturanga! Thank you"

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Yeh Not Meh!

What is Yeh Not Meh? I’m so glad you asked!

First up, the YEH of Yeh Yoga, actually stands for… Yoga (with) Emily Harding! (Subtle right?)

But where did Yeh Not Meh come from? This has become a bit of a life mantra, a simple way of looking at any situation, whether it be a class or teacher, event or meet-up, relationship, job, trip, anything at all, and if when applying the simple question, “does this make me feel Yeh? or Meh?” it’s been SO effective in helping me really prioritise the things that make my heart sing, and giving me the confidence and nudge in the right direction to either radically improve the ‘Meh’ situations, or let them go from my life totally.

‘YEH’ (not Meh) is how the feeling I strive to get all my students leaving my classes feeling, whether it’s at the studio or in the workplace. Anyone who feels a bit ‘meh’ after class is encouraged to come talk it over so that together we can help them get to the bottom of what might be holding them back from their happiness in that moment in time.

Yeh Yoga - Yoga Teacher London


For a full list of my experience teaching classes, events, workshops, trips, retreats, festivals and other crazy things (guided dance meditation anyone?) please request a copy of my CV by dropping me a quick email below.

Yeh Yoga at Wilderness Festival


200hrs ashtanga yoga
2016 - Mysore, India

75hrs rocket yoga
2018 - Chroma yoga, london

50hrs yin yoga & mindfullness
2019 - triyoga, london