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Don’t just take my word for it!

Whether thinking about starting yoga on your own, in a class, or in the workplace - here are some of the things attendees of my classes, events and corporate sessions have to say about YehYoga….

Emily was one of my first Yoga teacher and really opened up the practice to me! She was always kind and thoughtful with her words and adjustments and you’d go to one of her classes knowing it would be full smiles positive energy!
Honestly cant tell you how wonderful this woman is both inside and out of the classroom and I know I wouldn’t have half the confidence I do now on the mat without her guidance!
She also gives a kick ass head massage at the end and picks theeee best tunes for a bit of a down dog bum wriggle!
— Jodie Sims
I first met Emily when we were attending a yoga workshop and got paired together in a yoga class. Within moments I knew this was no ordinary yoga partner, as she set the foundations to my headstand in the most effective manner I’ve ever had yet. It came little surprise when I found out I’d actually been paired up with a professional yoga instructor, and I’ve been continuing to enjoy Emily’s practices since that day! What I love about Emily is that she makes yoga not only accessible for all, but FUN for all. She teaches in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental, completely open, natural and honest way. Her spirit is like no other, and I’m incredibly proud not only to develop my practice with her, but to speak with her on panel discussions on everything from female empowerment, to finding the ‘yeh’ in your yoga practice, to living life to its full potential day in day out. For anyone who wants to transform their yoga practice, their day/week/month/life, ‘yeh not meh’, I honestly could not recommend Emily enough!
— Hannah Fuller - Fitness Influencer

Emily taught one of the first yoga classes I attended and has been such an important part of my yoga journey since. Emily’s classes are always inspiring and she has such a talent for ensuring everyone feels welcomed and valued whether they are an experienced yogi or completely new to practice. Emily has encouraged me to achieve so much more than I thought I would be able to when I first started out and I feel very grateful to have such a fabulous yoga teacher in my life!
— Charlotte Johnson
Emily’s classes are always a breath of fresh air - she doesn’t just teach yoga, she lives yoga (YEH, not MEH!) and her classes are packed with enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of discovery and fun. Her sunny attitude can change your day. Classes with Emily are such a rewarding experience, where you always come out with something new and fun to work on, either for your mind or your body. 100% recommend Emily and Yeh Yoga to anyone at any level - give it a go!
— Sinead Browne
Every Monday night after “YehYoga” I feel like a newborn, ready to take on the world! Yeh Yoga creates a fun and equally zen atmosphere in her classes which makes every session an absolute joy!
— Dani, Project Manager
Thirdway Group - Winners of Best Wellness Program - Times100 Awards.

Thirdway Group - Winners of Best Wellness Program - Times100 Awards.

The best thing for me other than the physical aspect is the headspace. Having an hour when you’re focusing on breathing and control.
— Charlie, Senior Designer
I loveeee Emily’s classes. Always so upbeat and fun, and she really helps make sure you nail those tricky poses. Such a great teacher!
— Amy Spencer, Lawyer
Emily’s YehYoga classes have genuinely changed my (incorrect) opinion on yoga!
I look forward to an hour on the mat no matter how busy or mad my day or week has been. Once I am on the mat life feels calm.
The effect of having the option to do yoga in the workplace has been received really well within the office and people are truly excited for their Monday evening in the office!
Also the fact that new people continue to join the class every week is due to the positive vibes Emily’s classes give off and people are excited to share it with each other.
Emily’s classes are always accessible to all. Complete beginners and very experienced are all welcome and all love the classes, she makes sure we know there’s no judgement, arrogance or opinion, and just to enjoy ourselves.
To anyone wanting to improve the happiness / wellbeing and productivity of their staff, I would say open your mind to yoga in the workplace as it is an incredible mind and body workout. Therefore I can’t recommend Emily’s classes highly enough.
— Fraser Munro - Owner, Thirdway Group - Winners of Best Wellness Program at Times100 Awards 2019.
I’ve never experienced classes in the way that Em’s classes go. To come out of a morning session and feel bulletproof for the whole day at work is an unparalleled experience... It’s something I didn’t expect to catch me in the way that it has.
— Rob Walsh, Creative Director
Emily’s yoga classes are so enjoyable from beginning to end. She genuinely cares about the well being of all the attending yogis. Her classes are always so well prepared and thought out. Emily is always happy to assist you on any areas you personally need help with and encourages you to believe in your own ability. She is an inspiration to follow and I just wish I could make more of her classes!
— Lorna McEvoy, Interiors Trade/Wholesale
The YehYoga class I attended was the first yoga class I have ever been to! Emily made it so fun with relatable and calming dialogue. For every position she offered an easier or a harder option to accommodate the different levels in the room whilst offering positive encouragement and energy. I left the class full of zest and de-stressed, I highly recommend a YehYoga class with Emily.
— Chloe Dace, Skiier
I had never done yoga before and was incredibly nervous, I also have a lot of joint injury’s and pains, her sessions are a great balance for beginners and experienced yoga goers.
Emily also suggests different variations of movements and positions to lighten the load on aches and pains yet allows you to push yourself as far as you want to go.
I already feel more confident in what I’m doing and have seen an improvement in the short time I have been attending her classes.
— Jamie, Project Management Support
I started yoga to improve my flexibility and aid my recovery prompted by my existing hobby of Jiu Jitsu about half a year ago.
After attending Emily’s class I have become hooked on the contrasting styles of Yoga she has knowledge of and have now made Yoga more of a hobby of its own than a supporting exercise. Her classes are extremely beneficial to my wellbeing and her detailed yet light hearted approach creates a very welcoming atmosphere.
— Mark, Account Manager
Em’s yoga classes have made a massive difference to my flexibility and general mobility…I can’t imagine my week without it. Not only that, the classes are a great way to unwind and switch off after a long day of work!
— Hiwad, Development Manager
I was an absolute beginner at yoga with zero prior experience and, if I’m honest, was slightly nervous about the first class. Emily was absolutely fantastic and extremely patient! I’d highly recommend her as a yoga teacher!
— Ben, Project Director