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The Yeh Yoga Co are here to shake up what employers can offer for their hard-working teams.

The Yeh Yoga Co - offering cleverly crafted yoga and wellbeing sessions, suitable for any sized office and team.


It all started when…

I realised that there were SO many people in London who had not yet managed to experience the life-changing magic of yoga, even though we have hit peak yoga-studio saturation it feels like. It’s not hard to imagine why some people are reluctant to start the practice, as in the west, yoga has been commercialised, sexualised, glamourised, packaged-up and sold to you as £120 pair of leggings… this isn’t what it’s meant to be about at all!

The problem…

So many people I speak to tell me they can’t or don’t want to try yoga because “I’m not flexible enough!” - saying this though is like saying you’re too dirty to take a shower! If we want to improve an aspect of our physical wellbeing, we have to try and take steps to do something about it. LUCKILY - Yoga isn’t actually ABOUT flexibility! Becoming more supple and comfortable in your body is a happy side-effect of starting a physical yoga practice, but isn’t something people should worry about too much, as actually Yoga is a psychology more than a fitness.

So now we have plenty of desk-bound workers, who don’t want to try yoga because it’s gone so main-stream in the media with countless images of insanely bendy women wearing expensive leggings, in contortionist poses. Knowing this, and knowing that what it would take is a team of teachers who can turn their passion and attention to demystifying and re-educating people as to what yoga and it’s associated sciences for wellbeing are, I set up The Yeh Yoga Co.

The Solution…

We are The Yeh Yoga Co - a team of some of London’s best and friendliest yoga and meditation teachers, who want to share the other side of yoga that’s been drowned out in a sea of instagram pictures, and help to introduce it to those who need it the most, the stressed-out office workers of London!

With so many different styles of yoga, meditation, mindfulness classes and bespoke programming available, we’re on a mission to de-stress the city workers and help them create new, easily sustainable habits to better improve their own personal wellbeing, and the collective wellbeing and productivity of your team as a whole.

want a free taster session?

Drop me an email at, for a free taster session in your office - it’s that easy! We can talk about yoga flows, desk yoga, mindful movement… the list goes on, so whether you’re an employee or an employer just drop me a line and we’ll make it happen.

Emily’s YehYoga classes have genuinely changed my (incorrect) opinion on yoga!
I look forward to an hour on the mat no matter how busy or mad my day or week has been. Once I am on the mat life feels calm. The effect of having the option to do yoga in the workplace has been received really well within the office and people are truly excited for their Monday evening in the office!

Also the fact that new people continue to join the class every week is due to the positive vibes Emily’s classes give off and people are excited to share it with each other.
Emily’s classes are always accessible to all. Complete beginners and very experienced are all welcome and all love the classes, she makes sure we know there’s no judgement, arrogance or opinion, and just to enjoy ourselves.

To anyone wanting to improve the happiness / wellbeing and productivity of their staff, I would say open your mind to yoga in the workplace as it is an incredible mind and body workout. Therefore I can’t recommend Emily’s classes highly enough.
— Fraser Munro - Owner, Thirdway Group - Winners of Best Wellness Program at Times100 Awards 2019.